Embrace Flexibility: Discover the Best Remote Co-Working Spaces in Hertfordshire

The rise of remote work has transformed the way people approach their professional lives. With the freedom to work from anywhere, many professionals are seeking alternative work environments beyond their homes. 


We have found that this is also the case with those professional guests staying at a Portfolio Serviced Apartments. Business travellers for example, who maybe on short term contracts, may not be required to visit their temporary office every day. Whilst all our corporate accommodation offers suitable working areas, it is of course sometimes nice to separate that work / home environment and seek a change of scenery when you need to spark some increased productivity or creativity. 


Remote co-working spaces have emerged as the perfect solution, offering a balance between the convenience of working remotely and the collaborative atmosphere of a traditional office. In this blog post, we will explore the best remote co-working spaces in Hertfordshire, providing a guide for professionals looking to enhance their productivity, network, and overall work experience.


Co-Space, Stevenage

This vibrant co-working space offers a unique blend of modern amenities, a supportive community, and a beautifully designed environment. Centrally located, Co-Space is just a stone’s throw from our Stevenage Serviced Apartments, making it an ideal remote work space for Portfolio guests. 


From high-speed internet access to comfortable ergonomic furniture, they have taken great care to ensure that professionals can work efficiently and comfortably. The space is well-lit, spacious, and thoughtfully arranged, allowing for both collaborative work and individual focus.


Co-Space offers a range of membership options to cater to different needs. The pricing is reasonable, considering the amenities and support provided. A day pass, giving 9-5 access, is £25 + vat & includes coffee!


bubbleHUB, St Albans

bubbleHUB is a new co-working space nestled in the heart of St Albans. This space combines the warmth of a community-driven environment with the professionalism required for effective remote work. 


BubbleHUB features open-plan workspaces, private offices, and breakout areas, catering to various work preferences. At just a 5 minute drive from our St Albans serviced apartments this is an ideal space for remote working, networking and collaboration.


Regus, Welwyn Garden City

With its flexible membership options and range of workspace options, including hot desks, dedicated desks, and private offices, Regus caters to the needs of diverse professionals. For travelling contractors staying in corporate accommodation, offering hotdesk space for as little as £25 per day.


The space boasts a welcoming atmosphere, high-speed internet, meeting rooms, and a communal kitchen, providing everything required for a productive workday. Furthermore, Regus is just a 15 minute walk from both of our Welwyn Garden City serviced apartment locations, making it a reliable choice for those seeking a professional co-working environment.


Remote co-working spaces offer a valuable alternative to traditional office environments, allowing travelling professionals visiting Hertfordshire to work flexibly while benefiting from a collaborative atmosphere. Whether you seek a stylish hub in Stevenage, a community-driven space in St Albans, or access to a wider network in Welwyn Garden City, there are excellent options available across the region. By exploring these top remote co-working spaces, you can enhance your productivity, expand your professional network, and enjoy the benefits of working in a vibrant and supportive community. Embrace the flexibility of remote work and discover the perfect co-working space that aligns with your needs and preferences in Hertfordshire.