A Guide to electric vehicle charging points near our serviced apartment locations in Hertfordshire

In 2022 we are seeing a big increase in the number of times we get asked the following questions:


Where are the nearest EV charging stations to my Stevenage serviced apartment?
Where can I charge my electric car in Welwyn Garden City?
Is there a free charging point for eclectic cars near my St Albans serviced accommodation?


In the Uk almost a third (32%) of all vehicles now produced are fully electric or hybrid according to Forbes. And it’s not just electric vehicle ownership that’s increasing – car rental giants Sixt now aim to have up to 90% of it’s fleet fully electric by 2030 & rival company Hertz made an order for 100,000 Tesla cars in 2021 across their European and US fleets. 


With this in mind we are seeing an increasing number of corporate accommodation guests needing access to EV charging points within close proximity to our serviced apartments. Unfortunately none of our buildings currently have off road charging points but there are a number of nearby options available, and this article will aim to provide some useful information, in terms of devices, and their distances from our serviced apartments.


EV Charging Stations Close to Skyline House, Stevenage

Our Stevenage serviced apartments are located in Skyline House, in the centre of the town. There are 3 electric car charging points within a reasonable walking distance, including 1 that is conveniently right outside the entrance.

  •       Swingate – 2 Devices & 4 connectors – 1 minute walk from our Stevenage serviced apartments 
  •       Leisure Park – 1 Device & 2 connectors | 8 minute walk from Skyline House apartments 
  •       The Forum car park – 2 devices & 4 connectors | 7 minute walk from Skyline House 


Charging Points for Electric Cars Near our Welwyn Garden City Serviced Apartments

In Welwyn Portfolio has 2 sites, with serviced apartments located in the city centre, as well as in Times Square close to Tesco HQ, and there are plenty of charging points for electric cars nearby.

  •       Howardsgate – 1 Device & 2 connectors – 1 minute walk from our city centre serviced apartments @ Fountain House 
  •       Apcoa train station car park – 42 devices – 7 minute walk from Fountain House 
  •       Waitrose Welwyn Garden City – 2 Devices & 4 connectors – 6 minute walk from Fountain House 


Electric Car Chargers close to our St Albans Serviced Apartments

Portfolio apartments in St Albans are located on Bedford Road in the heart of the city centre. Each apartment has a dedicated parking space and there are 3 EV charging point locations within walkable distance.

  •       St Albans Station – 3 devices & 6 connectors – 9 minute walk from St Albans Serviced apartments 
  •       38 London Road – 1 device & 2 connectors – 10 minute walk from Portfolio Serviced accommodation 
  •       Charter Close Car Park – 1 device & 2 connectors – 12 minute walk from St Albans apartments 

With the increase in electric car ownership ever growing we do expect the number of charging points to rise within the next couple of years. Government grants and schemes for businesses will only encourage this, and the recent transformation of the APCOA car park in Welwyn Garden City – where 42 new EV charging points have been recently installed – is surely a sign of things to come.


We hope this information on EV charging stations in our Hertfordshire locations have been useful Please feel free to contact us if you need any further information.