5 Reasons To Swap your hotel for a Serviced Apartment

Booking a holiday is possibly one of the greatest feelings and counting down the days when you’re having an awful day at work or are just desperate to get away from home can seem like a joy, but there can be a downside. Hotels. While some people may see staying in a hotel like a dream, it can actually be a nightmare if you’ll be staying there for a long time, especially if on a business trip or secondment. With that said, here are the top reasons to stop staying in hotels for your business travel trips. 


Limited Wardrobe Space 

Packing for a holiday or for a business trip puts you on one of two teams, you’re either naturally gifted and find it a breeze or it’s the worst part of the trip for you, but one thing unites these two camps – limited hotel space. 

If you love to pack an outfit for every possible occasion you will know how difficult it can be to cram your clothes into tiny hotel wardrobes, or even worse live out of a case. Staying in a serviced apartment fixes this and means you have a home away from home and all the storage you could need. 


You feel like you’re trapped

Walking into a hotel room can at first glance feel wonderful, everything is conveniently within arm’s reach and for the first day you love it. Then the second day comes and the third day and by the fourth you feel like you almost can’t breathe. 

Hotels just aren’t feasible for long periods of time or for anyone who likes a sense of space, after all, who wants to feel trapped by the same four walls for the entire of their trip? 


Privacy? What privacy? 

Hotels may seem like a good idea for a romantic night away, but if you’re travelling with family or small children or even colleagues, then all sense of privacy goes straight out of the window when you’re all sharing a room just feet away from each other. 

Forget staring dreamily into each other’s eyes when you wake up, you’ll probably be staring at a toddler who immediately wants to play or be woken by another family member’s snoring and that’s not even mentioning the housekeeper who always turns up at the most inconvenient times!

Serviced apartments let you have time to yourself no matter how many you have brought along for the trip, so you can sleep well and feel like you have privacy if you are all loved up.


Money money money!

Straight to the point hotels aren’t cheap. Even for the savviest of spenders and the keenest bargin hunters, you may think booking your hotel means it’s all done, dusted and paid for but you will undoubtedly end up incurring extra fees. Whether you give in to the lure of room-service with its extortionate service charges, or buy a film to keep energetic youngsters occupied, your bill when you check out can hit you like a smack in the face and leave you wanting a more affordable option. 


Meals on wheels

Speaking of room-service, while this may seem like a decadent treat on the first night, by the time you come back from a long day of exploring and are tired, it is so easy to have a burger brought straight to door along with its crazily hiked-up price and extra delivery charges. This can not only wreak havoc on your bank account, but also on your waist-line and by the time you leave, the only thing that will be thinner is your wallet. 

Serviced apartments absolutely win here, as having a fully equipped kitchen at your fingertips means it’s easy to rustle up something quick and delicious that will probably be healthier for you and will also save you money! If you want some tips on how to eat well when working away from home check out next weeks blog postor check out our apartments to find out why it’s time to say goodbye to hotel hell and wake up to apartment heaven! 


Though staying in a hotel may seem like the obvious option at first, there’s no denying that a serviced apartment brings with it a number of benefits that a hotel just can’t offer. 


At Portfolio Serviced Apartments we specialise in providing luxury serviced apartments and temporary homes for corporate and business travellers. We offer a secure spacious base which can become a home from home for longer staying guests. Portfolio Apartments are located throughout all of Hertfordshire including Stevenage, Welwyn Garden City, St. Albans and Hatfield, whilst through our partners we have access to over 90,000 luxury apartments across the globe.

So whether it’s a placement in St Albans or a secondment in San Francisco, Portfolio is consistently the favoured choice for travelling professionals. 


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